The short answer to the question “What is WordPress” can be given as follows; It is an open source content management system that emerged as a result of the work of two people in 2003. It is a system designed for users to create blog pages without the need for any coding knowledge. But wordpress has been developed so much since 2003 that all kinds of websites can be made with wordpress.
What is WordPress? What does it do? It would be more accurate to say what wordpress does not work, not questions. Because with the WordPress system, you can create a blog site, news site, corporate company site, e-commerce site, game site, marketplace site, donation site, social media-like sites, forum site and any site you can think of. WordPress can be opened to many features with its theme and plugin sections.

When it is desired to set up a simple wordpress site, the user who does not have any coding or web design knowledge can start the site design by purchasing the WordPress hosting service of hosting companies such as turhost and beautiful hosting without even bothering to set up. Or to do a normal hosting installation, you can go to the worpdress official site and download the files in zip form, and then the installation can be done easily. You can start the site construction by adding a theme you like among hundreds of free themes to the wordpress system that has just been purchased and delivered to you as installed.
While designing the site according to the features of the installed theme, there may be features that are not included in the theme but that you want your site to have. The easiest way to add these features to the site is to look for a plugin. WordPress plugins are used to better shape your site and add new features to your site. For example, you want to add a registration form to your site and if this feature is not available in your theme, you can add any form to your website with “contact form 7” and similar plugins.
This system is so widespread and has been adopted by internet users that 35% of existing websites are designed using the wordpress system. While WordPress continues to spread rapidly, who is the first to hear this term? What is wordpress? they ask themselves the question.

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