Changing WordPress Admin Password

Changing WordPress Admin Password

Changing WordPress Admin Password, WordPress is arguably one of the most used content management systems in the world. It has features such as fast installation, easy interface and wide theme and plugin options. But WordPress is notorious for its problems as well as its features. Especially if you complain that “I forgot my admin password”, you can take a look at the WordPress admin password change methods in this article. In this way, you can recover your site without deleting the software.

How to Change WordPress Admin Password ?

How to Change WordPress Admin Password Users on WordPress can create with certain privileges. These users log in to the admin panel via the sitename.com/wp-admin page. However, in some cases, the passwords we use to protect us do not even let us in. In this case, thinking about what the password is, takes our time as well as pulling out our hair. However, changing the WordPress admin password is completed in just 2 minutes using certain methods. Therefore, you can check out the different ways below to change the WordPress admin password.

Changing WordPress Password from Login Page

Ways to change WordPress admin password

If you click on sitename.com/wp-admin, you will see your username and password are here. At the bottom is the “Forgot Password” button. Clicking this button will prompt you for the email or username associated with your WordPress user account. If you enter any of these information and click the “Reset Password” button, you can perform the WordPress admin password reset process. However, let us remind you that you must access the e-mail address after sending the password reset request. Because the password reset link comes to this e-mail account.

Ways to change WordPress admin password

In general, WordPress software installs automatically and quickly. Without manual setup, the WordPress admin email account is the default email. If you don’t have access to it, you won’t be able to perform a password reset either. More than half of WordPress site owners don’t even know what an admin email address is! But no need to worry! Because there are 2 WordPress admin password reset methods like the door in front of us. Let’s look at the other.

Changing Password from Open Login

If you have a WordPress administrator account open, it is also possible to change the password for this account. When you enter the “Edit My Profile” page from the “Profile” tab, you can see the “Change Password” option at the bottom. Even if you don’t know your password, you can protect your account by creating a new password. But if there is no open session, then the second phase will also fail.

But wait! Maybe we will give you some very important information. With this method, you can reset your WordPress password in maybe 2 minutes. First, log in to the Cpanel page through the company where your site is hosted. On the Cpanel page, check the Softaculous tab at the bottom. If you have installed WordPress software from here before, you can login to the admin panel without typing a password. However, some hosting companies do not use this software. So if you can’t find a WordPress account installed through Softaculous, check out the third and surefire option.

Changing WordPress Password Via PhpMyAdmin

Re-enter your hosting company’s website. Login to Cpanel from the hosting package page. In the options section, you can see the phpMyAdmin option. By clicking this option, you can access the database. After gaining access, you will see the text “Export” above. This is the process of safely exporting information from the database before processing. In case you make a mistake, you can install this backup.

It takes 2 minutes to enter the wp_users page on the phpMyAdmin page and change the user_pass value as follows.

If you have uploaded the backup to the computer by clicking Export, let’s come to the WordPress admin password reset stage. What you need to do after this point is to enter one of the databases on the left. If you have only one site, only one database will appear. However, if you are hosting multiple sites in a single hosting package, then multiple databases will appear. There’s no need to worry. Open any database and login to “wp-options” or just options page. Here, you can easily see the name of your site. By doing this for all sites, you can access the database tables of the problematic site.

If there is more than one database, you can determine which site is problematic by entering the wp_options section.

If you have accessed tables, look for a table like “wp-users” or just users. When you find this table and click on it, the table where all users are registered opens. One of the columns in this table says “user pass”. That is the user password. When you look at the value, you may see meaningless numbers or letters. This is actually your password. But the encrypted version of your password. What you need to do to decrypt this is to copy all the value and decode it in md5 decoder one site. Afterwards, you may have learned your site’s password without changing it. If you directly paste the phrase “e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e” in the “user pass” section, your password will be “123456”. With this method, you can complete the WordPress password change process.

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