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Here are 17 suggestions for those who want to sell on Instagram

Here are 17 suggestions for those who want to sell on Instagram

How to sell on Instagram? How do people make money from Instagram? All of this is always a matter of curiosity, even recently an e-mail came, brother, how much do Phenomenons earn? Friends, read our article on Making Money Online !

Selling through social media, especially Selling Products on Instagram  , has recently become extremely popular due to factors such as its practicality and variety. While this form of e-commerce is used by many people, it has also opened up new employment areas for individuals. Below are suggestions about how to increase product sales and preparations that can be beneficial for product sales on Instagram, one of today’s most popular social media platforms.

Here are 17 suggestions for those who want to sell on Instagram;

1-Using Instagram Features to Promote Products

By supporting the posts you have made to promote your products on Instagram with the Instagram Live Broadcast feature, you can meet with your followers here and answer their questions about the products by providing them with e-commerce consultancy. You need to pay attention to this issue when selling on Instagram !

In addition, by making live broadcasts and IGTV videos explaining where your product can be used, showing the production stages, comparing it with other products, you can both gain the trust of your followers and enable your customers to get information about your other products.

2-Corporate Instagram Account to be Sell

Many e-commerce companies use corporate business profiles to sell products on Instagram instead of using a personal account. If you do not want to lose followers on your own profile, you can make changes to your username, profile photo, remove the photos you have uploaded before, and institutionalize your account by switching to the Instagram business profile. If you want to make money from Instagram, you should give importance to institutionalism! Institutionalism is important, enjoy selling on Instagram this way !

3- The language format that should be used on Instagram

Our suggestion about selling on another Instagram ; It is very important to pay attention to the grammar rules in the posts you will make on Instagram. In addition, care can be taken to use the language “you” under the images. This will allow you to give your customers a friendly atmosphere. However, while responding to your messages, it is very important to address the person in front of you with your own language and to maintain your professionalism.


When you use the right hashtags for the products you sell on Instagram, your products are shown to people who enter the relevant hashtags. Thanks to these hashtags, more people will recognize you over time and this will allow you to increase your followers. For this reason, you can take advantage of opportunities such as location and hashtag in the product images you share.

5-Quality of Product Photos

Since you will be selling from your Instagram profile , you can have special product photo shoots or you can take photos of your products from the right angles. Your product sharing using quality photos will attract the attention of more of your followers and increase the likelihood of people shopping from you. In this way, your Instagram Sales will increase and you will earn good money from Instagram!

6-Advertising and Sponsored Posts

One of the most important factors that will reach more people when selling on Instagram is advertisements. For this reason, you can advertise and share sponsored posts in order to increase the number of your followers and to allow people who do not know you to see your business. In addition, you can make agreements to advertise you by sending products to people who have a following on the basis of followers on Instagram. Thanks to these ads, you can make your brand known by more people and increase your Instagram sales accordingly .

Forward-7 Website to cooking Making

If you are a company that will sell on Instagram, it is extremely important to direct your followers from your Instagram account to your website. In this way, you can enable people to sell from a safer environment and increase your sales by enabling them to see other products on your website. If you want to make money from Instagram, you should pay attention to this!

8- Ensuring Diversity, Product Quantity and Understandability

Color, variety, etc. of the product scale. It is very important for the demand of your products to be wide in terms of Of course, in order to adequately meet the incoming demand, it is necessary to constantly check the stock status and to provide a sufficient number of product services. In addition, the presentation of the visuals of the products from every angle and the fact that there is no difference between the real and the photo are among the details that cannot be overlooked.

9- Providing Interactivity and Discounts

Follow, share, tag friends, etc. By organizing sweepstakes with tools, you can increase your number of followers and make more people aware of your page. In addition, you can both make your customers happy and increase the number of customers with discounts and coupon services.

10-Making Sales Through Different Channels

For a start, of course, it will be sufficient to offer your followers only the Cash on Delivery and Remittance option as a purchase option. These options will work for you to reach a certain customer base. But the most important point to remember is that in order to advance in the field of online sales, product sales on Instagram should never be your only sales channel. You should also use other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and invest in your own e-commerce site in your own brand.

If you are looking for an alternative way to sell from Instagram and earn money from Instagram, you can open an e-commerce site , make sure to read our How to Set Up an Online Shopping Site is for you!

11- A Catchy and Creative Name

To create a catchy, original brand value, it is necessary to find a name. When this name is a name that can be easily remembered and remembered by users, you can become more accessible.

 12-Adequate Capital Allocation

If you are going to sell your own products, you will need some upfront capital to respond immediately to customer requests. By using this capital, you can prepare the products you will sell in a way that they can work with stock and send them without waiting for the customer when the order comes. If you are going to work with a team, you may need to pay them a fee, or you may need to rent a place to store your products and manage the processes. For this, it would be appropriate to start with a capital that can easily handle your business. If you want to enter this business without allocating capital and do not want to store products, Dropshipping You can use the so-called trading model. In this method, you have to agree with a wholesaler or distributor who supplies the products you will sell. After paying the wholesale price of the incoming orders to these companies, you can order the products that need to be supplied and have the company send your orders to your customers.

13- Keeping Account Privacy Public

Using the account you are going to sell to privately has a negative effect on the promotion of the products, causing you to reach fewer people. Users who are curious about you and want to review products are likely to give up after seeing that the account is locked. For this reason, it is useful to set your profile to public.

 14-Agreement with Cargo Companies

If you want to sell your own products, you can negotiate with the courier companies in the vicinity to avoid paying too much shipping fee. In this way, you can provide shipping at much more affordable prices in a certain transaction volume. In addition, if you will pay a fixed shipping fee, you can add this fee to the prices of the products and sell your products with the free shipping label.

 15-Examination of Other Boutique Accounts

To give you an idea, you can review the boutique accounts that regularly sell products. So you can easily understand what you need to pay attention to.

 16-Communication with Customers

Communicating with users who want to shop and shop from your boutique will earn you plus points. Many users may want to ask you questions on various issues, or users who place an order can request returns, exchanges, shipping, etc. may wish to contact you regarding matters. As a simple solution, you can create a WhatsApp contact line, specify your e-mail address or create a telephone support line.

 17-Ensuring Users Confidence for Payments and Returns

Your potential customers will want to trust you before ordering. In order to ensure this trust, besides the money order/EFT solution, you can send with a transparent cargo system, offer payment at the door, or take advantage of secure payment services such as Shopier and Iyzico. In addition, you can make healthier sales by improving the terms of return conditions.

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