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How to choose a domain?

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How to choose a domain?

How to choose a domain?, Choosing the right domain name is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. As simple as it sounds, there are some things you should consider when choosing a domain name.

We have prepared a list for you on this topic:

Is It Compatible With Your Brand Name?

There are some reasons we chose this item:

If your domain name is incompatible with your brand, it prevents you from branding.

The fact that your brand and domain name are the same makes your visitors remember you more easily. In this way, the possibility of having trouble searching for you in search engines and address bars is minimized.

To build a catchy and strong brand, you need to be consistent.

Does It Represent Your Brand Well?

The properties of the domain name representing your brand should be:







What Appears When Searching Your Brand on Google?

Google your brand. Observe your positions as a result of your searches. Remember that your brand and domain name have many similarities and you have to compete with all your competitors. So try to choose domain names that will appear in searches.

You can use Google AdWords’ Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool to examine how your brand name looks in different countries.

Is It Easy to Read and Write?

Make sure that people don’t get too overwhelmed while reading or writing your website. This can also help people who aren’t actually looking for you to find you.

Do not exaggerate the keywords

This title does not mean that you cannot use a keyword in your domain name. But be careful not to overdo it.

For example; Imagine that you are preparing content on a different subject than your domain name. Keywords in your domain name can attract users to your site, but different content will disappoint users. In this case, Google may consider your website as spam.

Do not use dashes

Using hyphens in your domain name is considered “poor quality” for many reasons:

It looks like spam.

It becomes difficult for you to tell someone your domain name.

It is generally considered to be an ugly sight.

Have You Made a Spam-Free Optimization?

Above, we mentioned that using keywords from domain names is risky. However, you can eliminate the risks by making the necessary optimization.

For example; If you have a business based in Izmir, it may make sense to pass Izmir in your domain name. Just be careful not to spam.

Is it short?

It is important that your domain name is short and clear. Short domain names are easier to memorize, remember and type in the browser. It is also positive for your email addresses and business cards.

For example; You have a short domain like With such a domain name, both your URL structure and sub-page architectures will be short.

Which TLD Did You Choose?

TLD is the abbreviation of Top-Level domain. Top-level domains are attachments at the end of each URL. The most well-known top-level domain is .com.

The most common TLDs are:






Apart from these, there are many TLDs. But how will you know which one you should choose? If your target market is local, you can choose a TLD specific to your target country. If you are not local, you can choose .com. Because;

Most potential customers think that when they think of a domain name it will end in .com.

If you have global goals, .com is the most global TLD.

.com generally gives more confidence to visitors.

All these situations may have exceptions. If you are wondering whether .com is the most suitable TLD for you, it is useful to read this news.

Is it unique?

Check if another person is using the domain name you want to use. In some cases, you may see that the domain name, which appears to be available, is used by other people with a different TLD. Ideally, you want to avoid such a situation and prefer a unique domain name.

After choosing your domain name, we recommend that you buy it with more than 1 TLD. It would be wise to point other TLDs to the domain where your main TLD is.

Available on Social Networks?

You should also want to open social media accounts with your preferred domain name. But it would be annoying to see that your domain name‘s accounts are taken by others.

You can check here whether social media accounts belonging to the domain name you want to buy have been taken. Even if you do not intend to use these social media accounts right away, you should hack them to prevent someone else from taking them.

Check Patents and Registrations

Check the patent and registration documents before investing in the domain name you have in mind. This point is very important in order not to encounter any problems in the future. If there is no problem, create your brand and complete your own registration.


Nowadays, he creates websites for women, men and even pets. Therefore, it is difficult to choose a suitable and good domain name.

In addition to this difficulty, you should also be creative and make a difference when choosing a domain name that will represent you for life. We have shared with you all the necessary information on this subject. Now all you have to do is choose a great domain name!

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