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How to choose a SEO compatible domain?

How to choose a SEO compatible domain?

Almost all internet users have heard about the SEO compatible domain and hosting issue at once during their surfing on the internet. So what is this domaindomainv is the name given to the login addresses of all websites we use in the internet world. Every website owner determines a domain address before opening to the internet world and generating value, and determines how internet users reach their website and what the address will be. The domain address is a unique name for the website, as well as the fingerprints of the same people. As long as you regularly register and pay for the hosting companies annually, no user can get the usage rights of the relevant domain from you. The main criterion here is that the domain address you intend to take is not used by any user before you apply. So how do you know if the domain address you intend to buy is idle? To check the availability status of the domain address, it is enough to search for whois or domain search on Google. You can check the availability status by typing the relevant domain address on any website that appears. If the domain address you control is taken by another user, you can access the information of that user and directly ask the user to sell the domaindomain sales are really common in the internet world and it is a market with a large commercial volume. Very flashy, catchy and original names are tried to be captured by many websites and offered for sale among users.

How to Choose an SEO Compatible Domain?

Choose a Domain Containing Keywords

Choosing an SEO compatible domain means that your website starts its career in the Google search engine one zero ahead at the establishment stage. The first and most important point of SEO compatible domain selection is to know that the name of your website is also a keyword that summarizes the services and values ​​you will provide to the internet world. The user should understand what the values ​​you will provide to the internet world through your website when they look at your website address. When you choose a domain in the way we specified or close to that shape, your chances of being in the top positions in searches on the SEO keyword on Google will increase.

Keep Your Domain Address Short and Memorable

Another point to be considered when choosing an SEO compatible domain is to choose your domain address in a short and catchy way. When choosing a domain name for your website, attention should be paid to the fact that the domain is short, unique and catchy. Although the users who visit your website like your site, they may not have saved your site for quick use in any way. In such cases, the user will try to reach your site directly by searching the name of your site or the name of your content on Google to reach your site again. If you choose the address of your website that you have created in a way that is too long and difficult to remember, the user will probably not remember your site address and will turn to different addresses. Especially in newly established sites, the most important way to increase direct traffic and natural traffic is to attract the user who has visited our site once again to our site. The most important way to do this is to produce original and quality content and to make the name selection of your site in an easy and memorable way.

Let Your Domain Address Suitable for the Language of the Audience You Are Addressing

Another important mistake made when choosing a domain address is that the addresses of websites that produce Turkish content and plan to appeal to Turkish users are created with English words. If you appeal to Turkish users and produce Turkish content, it is very important that your name is Turkish-based or contains Turkish words. Especially newly opened websites prefer foreign and interesting names to attract more attention on Google, but this is actually a big strategy mistake. Because when you choose a domain address consisting of English words and start your broadcasting life, you are less likely to encounter users who search in Turkish on Google. For example, the word digital is a Turkish translation of the English word digital. When you search digitally on Google, you will usually come across websites that produce English content. Because Google will direct you to websites that produce English content because the word digital is in English. In such cases, websites targeting Turkish and offering Turkish content lose significant traffic. In summary, the name of your website should be suitable for the language of the audience you will address.

Buy Common Extensions of Your Domain Address

In cases where you choose your domain address in accordance with the above options, the actions you need to do are not limited to these. You should get all commonly used extensions of your website address (.com .net .org .web .co .biz etc). In cases where your website grows and gets high hits in the future, the users of the internet world called “lamer” who want to take advantage of this position will try to steal your users by purchasing the different version of the extension at the end of your site. A website whose address is exactly the same as your site’s address, but with only the extension .com at the end, can be associated with your site by users and directly affect your traffic. In the internet world, smear campaigns and brand devaluation processes are generally made by using this type of extension space. We recommend you to consider this article in order not to have any trouble in the future. Of course, you can open your website without doing the process described in this article and you can be very successful. However, as, we would like to remind you that this article is really important not to be taken lightly, based on our experiences from the past years.

What is Hosting?

Hosting, namely hosting in Turkish, is a general name given to the computer system where all kinds of visual, written, video and technical contents of a website from A to Z are hosted. When hosting and hosting company is mentioned, it should be understood that the computer where a website or database is located and the company that provides that computer to service. We can access these computers via virtual platforms and install our website on it or we can perform different operations on the relevant server according to our needs. All kinds of sites and images used in today’s internet world are stored on these computers and presented to the service of users. Every person or company that intends to broadcast in the internet world should definitely get a hosting service and install their websites on the server provided by the relevant company.

How to Choose SEO Compatible Hosting?

The most important point to consider when choosing hosting is whether the basic needs of your website are directly met. Before choosing a hosting, you should definitely have an idea about the average data consumption of websites broadcasting in your website type. Searching for websites that publish in similar categories will give you information about the potential data consumption your website can use in the future and give you an idea about the type of hosting you should choose in the long run. An average blog site consumes a maximum of 30, minimum 1 to 3 GB of disk space. With this information, a person who is considering opening a blog site will be able to choose a more affordable and suitable hosting package. Today, many hosting companies produce and sell hosting packages under the name of unlimited capacity. However, many of these packages are filled with unnecessary features and cause users to spend unnecessary expenses. Hosting packages that provide 100 GB or more space are unnecessary, especially for blog sites. If you do not have a very large news site, sharing site or a website that offers a video content, you will probably not use an area of ​​more than 200 – 300 GB. For this reason, it is not very advantageous to turn to hosting packages that provide unlimited disk space unless necessary. Hosting companies will have noticed this situation in recent years, they have started to offer much more useful and user-oriented hosting packages for sale.

Prefer high quality and high server security companies

If there is one thing that is much more important than choosing a hosting package, it is definitely server security. If you choose the wrong hosting package, you can upgrade the package or change your hosting provider. However, when you purchase a service from a hosting company for which you do not pay attention to server security, you will be directly affected by every attack the company will be exposed to and you will become an open target of hacker attacks. In Turkey, a Turkey which is extremely common and preferred hosting companies in the past year were subjected to an attack and the server crashed. Access to the sites of thousands of users who host websites on the relevant servers was blocked and the sites were closed for days. In such cases, Google takes a heavy blow to your site’s quality score and deletes your site’s critical content from the index. Your website, which you have worked hard for years and made great efforts for its security, may turn upside down in one day due to a situation that has nothing to do with you. To prevent such situations, you should make great efforts to ensure the internal security of your site in the first place. In cases where you think your technical knowledge is not sufficient in terms of providing security, you should get professional support. At the point of providing server security, you should choose quality hosting companies that are world-renowned and have no history of attacks or crashes. As no preferred by website hosting companies in the world in turkey thousands of firms with very high quality and fast hosting for your convenience.

Prefer high server speed hosting companies

Getting services from hosting providers with high server speeds plays a key role in your site’s SEO compatibility and rapid rise in the long term. Regardless of how fast you design your site, if your hosting provider’s servers are running slow and cannot respond quickly to incoming reactions, the quality of your website will decrease. Google pays great attention to site speeds and page speeds in its algorithm that it updates every year. By using speed rating sites such as Google page speed and Gt metrix, you can check the current status of your site and examine the actions to be taken. Even if you successfully implement the necessary actions to speed up your site, if your server speeds are low, you cannot get full points on Google and your quality score will be greatly affected. When choosing hosting, you should examine the speed data of hosting in great detail and turn to hosting companies recommended by large companies.

Check If Your Hosting Package You Choose Doesn’t Include cPanel

Be informed about whether there is a cpanel or external panel in the hosting package that the hosting company you choose will provide you. With hosting packages that do not contain cPanel, you cannot quickly intervene in technical difficulties on your website. Due to the increasing use of WordPress, especially in recent years, hosting companies have started to sell “WordPress hosting” packages. The feature of these packages is that you can install WordPress with a single click and the features of the package are really suitable for WordPress use. However, it is worth noting that in this type of hosting packages, you are usually not given an external panel and you are expected to perform all your operations directly from WordPress. If you cannot intervene through WordPress in any technical problem that may occur, you will face the situation of losing your site. For this reason, in packages that do not contain such panels, an automatic backup system is usually included in the package and efforts are made to prevent crash. In case of any crash, a return is made through the daily or weekly backup of the site and the sites continue from where they left off. However, if you have a large and up-to-date website, this will result in negative feedback and loss of trust.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hosting Package

As an internet user, when trying to choose a hosting package, you may have difficulty deciding which one to choose. The reason for this extremely normal situation is that a wide variety of hosting packages are being introduced to the market with the developing technology. If you are going to set up a WordPress-based site and do not want to deal with cPanel, if you want WordPress hosting or your own server, you can choose custom hosting server packages or directly to classic shared server packages. Of course, each of these options is divided into sections. Classic shared hosting types are very suitable, especially for small and medium-sized sites that are not too large, but there are very important issues to consider when choosing these hosting types.

Unlimited Disk Space Puzzle

We have to say with regret that this is actually a marketing term created by hosting companies in order to sell. Traditionally, if you use a shared server, there are many websites adjacent to your site on the same server. These websites also host files on that server just like you, and all operations on the site use the server capacity (ram, memory and cpu). For this reason, although hosting companies use the term unlimited storage space as their marketing policy, they will most likely confront you with a server with a maximum storage space of 1 tb. The main reason for this restriction is to prevent the use of these servers, which host a large number of websites or databases, by individual individuals for unnecessary and excessive tasks. Especially if you have a small and medium-sized site or enterprise, such packages will be quite enough for you. Because 1 tb of storage space is quite enough and a large area, especially for a website. However, if you have a news site, social networking platform, or a site on which many videos, images or content are uploaded, it is not impossible to fill 1000 GB of storage space in the long run. Especially since news and social sharing platforms contain a lot of visuals, articles, comments, add-ons, etc., the volume of space will be very high and in the long run, it will fill the space provided by the hosting company. In such cases, as you fill the defined space capacity, you may slow down in site reactions and eventually you may not be able to upload anything to your site if you fill the limit completely. Of course, we underline again, “If you have a small and medium-sized website, 1000 GB of storage space will definitely be enough.” However, if you do not want to be subjected to any restrictions and if you set your limits yourself, you can rent a server that does not have space restrictions suitable for your website and your own usage style. These types of servers are called “vps (virtual private server)” in hosting. The term vps server is actually an outdated term. Nowadays, almost all vps servers work on a dedicated basis. The ram, cpu and storage areas you specify are defined for the Vps servers. In this way, you can use your site without fear of capacity with a completely dedicated server with the size and features you want.

Ram and Cpu Capacity

Other important metrics to consider when choosing a hosting package are cpu and ram size. When you find a server with the storage capacity you want, other important metrics to look at are the server’s ram size and cpu specifications. The cpu types are the same in almost all servers, and they are usually referred to as core cpu together. If it says core cpu under any hosting package; that server is a single core, that is, a server that contains basic CPU values. Generally, it is not uncommon for cpu values ​​to increase excessively unless there is an overload or a server-based attack. However, if your site is faced with a lot of traffic, loading process and attack situations, we recommend that you choose hosting packages with high cpu capacity and generally called “2x core cpu”. Especially in sites with high traffic and loading, when the cpu usage values ​​reach 100%, it is possible to encounter errors such as slowdown in the site. Another important issue is the ram size of the server. Especially if you have a WordPress-based site, it is very likely that you will download a large number of plugins to increase the variety on the site. Due to these add-ons you will download, the use of the server’s ram increases and decreases in every operation on your site. Depending on the ram size you choose, your server’s ability to move and respond to add-ons will directly increase or decrease. The initial ram values ​​of almost all hosting companies are 512 mb. The 512 mb ram value is ideal for sites that do not receive traffic very quickly or that contain up to 10 to 15 add-ons. However, if you are implementing many add-ons or operations that will use the ram values ​​of your server at full capacity, we recommend that you choose hosting packages with ram values ​​above 512 mb. When you start to use your server’s ram values ​​at 100%, your site’s opening and closing reflex will weaken and in most cases, the display speed of the pages on your site will be extremely slow. For this reason, it is important to choose the ram size suitable for your site and your style of use, both in order to use your site at full capacity without question marks in your mind, and to avoid loss of points in the eyes of your users when your site traffic increases in the future.


If you are planning to set up a website and have problems choosing domain name and hosting, you should definitely read this article. domain and Hosting selection has become much more difficult with the rapid development of technology. You should thoroughly read and carefully analyze the items we have described in this article in detail and open your site in line with the relevant suggestions. Site setup and basic settings are a field that really requires technical information and professional support. If you think you do not have enough information, you can definitely get help from an expert and set up your site. Most websites with a lack of technical knowledge and experts are closed within a short period of 1 year, and the website owners are left with regret for the wasted expenses they made. If you have any questions or suggestions about the article, you can tell us directly in the comments below. You can reach us about your technical support requests from our contact page.

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