How to Make Wordpress Smtp Settings?

How to Make Wordpress Smtp Settings?

How to Make Wordpress Smtp Settings? Today, with the development of internet technology, dozens of different websites have been opened to the service of users for different purposes. With its advanced infrastructure, WordPress comes with advanced functional settings for all users to manage a website more easily. Currently, the site infrastructures that commercial and personal websites generally use are WordPress-based websites. WordPress offers hundreds of different services to users for free. When you install WordPress plugins on your site, you can now get yourself a theme online. The next step will be to fix the settings on the site. In order to help users using WordPress, we will try to give detailed information about how to install Smtp in our article below.


In order to use different mail plugins and plugins such as Contact Form7 on your WordPress site, you need to set SMTP mail settings regularly. Now let’s try to give you detailed information on how to make these adjustments from scratch. First of all, you need to download the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin to make these settings on your website. After downloading this plugin, you need to make a few more settings. After downloading the plugin you need to go to the “Plugins” menu and find the WP-Mail-SMTP Plugin and enter the “Settings” settings. After clicking on the settings settings, you will see 2 sections, Advanced E-Mail Options and SMTP Options, on the screen that will appear. Then, by typing your own e-mail address in the From Email address field and your site name in the From Name field,

WordPress SMTP Options Settings

After making the settings in the menu that appeared before, you need to click on the SMTP Options settings, which is the second step, and fill in the information requested from us here. First of all, we fill in the part that says SMTP Host as Then you enter the port number from which you receive service in the SMTP Port section. It is often referred to as 587. At the top of the encryption options, we tick the NO encryption option. Then, after filling in the information requested below, you can send a test e-mail to yourself from the Send Test E-mail section. After your mail message is sent to your mailbox, you have made the settings correctly. When you encounter difficulties in the settings, you need to review the settings we have presented to you.

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