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How to Open a Blog?

How to Open a Blog?

When you ask how to start a blog , you come across millions of articles… Many of these articles are full of confused, incomplete or irrelevant information. So where should you start your blogging business? We are enjoying the justified joy of informing you with the most up-to-date information on how to set up a blog with systems with the latest technological tools and equipment for 2020 and 2021.

We have discussed the question of how to start a blog in this article with the help of our experts, and we have organized it down to the smallest detail in a way that novices can understand. A human reason open the blog you want? Of course, making money by opening a blog is one of the most important requests.

Starting a blog is not a big deal. Of course, anyone can blog. Here in this article , we will tell you how to open a healthy blog , and we will tell you about them one by one. We took care not to miss any details about opening a blog .

Now , while reading the ” How to Open a Blog? ” topic, you should not immediately think of a straight blog, in our topic, how to open a travel blog, how to open a women’s blog, how to open a fashion and clothing blog, how to open a personal blog, how to open a technology blog or game blog. and we will respond to its regulations. In short, when you learn how to set up a blog, you will be able to organize it according to these sub-categories.

Why Should You Start a Blog?

Making money by opening a blog; yes, it is possible, you can make thousands or even millions of money by blogging. Usually, civil servants, workers or employees earn money by blogging as additional income , then they work full time i.e. they quit their job.

The basis of making money on the Internet is to set up a blog, so no matter what platform you want to make money from, it isessential for us to set up a blog . (I am speaking for Adsense revenues)

Where do I start writing? If he says the blog set up arak, you can take your first step to writing the fenomenlik. By publishing your articles on the Internet, you can drag the masses behind you, then you can make an agreement with a publishing house and have your books published.

Grow your business by opening a blog; If you want to, you will have the chance to share your products in this article and in the article by sharing topics and articles on your blogs, for example, you opened a topic called How to Paint a Bag , imagine that this topic is in the 1st place in Google ranking , between 5,000 and 10,000 people will read this topic daily, you will read this topic. You can market your products more easily when you put a paint material advertisement in it.

I’m bored, what should I do? If you say establishing an immediate block, you can shed your house, you can share your memories, remember that the only people blog to earn money they do not form sourced from most hobby boredom establish blogs and in a way they never expected to make money from blogs are confronted with concrete cases.

Preparation – Choosing a Blog Topic

Everything is ok, I will read your article without blinking , I am determined to earn money by opening a blog , but I do not know how to write, what should I write? Who reads my post? If you have doubts and lack of knowledge, we have prepared our preliminary title for you before setting up a blog.

When choosing a blog topic , do not forget to determine the topics that you enjoy, focusing on the topics you love will give you strength and inspiration and happiness from your work.

General instead of open block , which is a specialist open block that out the only issue open blog is very important to Google. Google places more value on niche blogs than general blogs. Niche blogs , such as just setting up a blog for Wordpress , or just for women’s care, or just a blog about Football , or just a blog about games, will be very important in terms of Google SEO.

If you say that I have more or less understood how to set up a blog, but you still have problems with the subject, you can have more comprehensive information by reading our topic titled Monetizing Blog Topics .

Platform Selection – Paid Blog or Free Blog?

Create a blog to their existing infrastructure at a solid 3, blogger, and WordPress website for free using these sites so you can set up blogs , but in visual terms as follows domain address (domain address) is displayed. That’s why we recommend that you buy more domain addresses and hosting .

When you set up a free blog , your domain name will appear as “” or”.

When you buy Hosting and Domain, don’t forget that you can look more corporate and original and have full access. It will appear as “”.

When you start a free blog, remember that making money is very, very difficult. In order not to waste your effort, we always recommend that you open a site on your own behalf and start this business by purchasing hosting and domain. If you are starting out for the first time, you can open a free blog for trial purposes.

When you open a free blog, that is, with and sub-domain extensions, it is very difficult to earn money from adsense because Google adsense does not approve ads, so your money may be garbage.

I wanted to set up a blog called , but how do I do that? That’s exactly what we’re going to explain. We will help you to set up a blog professionally.

The infrastructure that we prefer and that we want you to have is the wordpress infrastructure. We always recommend that you create a blog using Wordpress .

Using WordPress is very easy and convenient. It will never force you, you can find plenty of resources to learn how to use wordpress . Wordpress is the best for blogging. You do not need any technical knowledge.

How much does it cost to set up a blog site?

You are convinced to start a blog site, but how much money will it cost to start a blog ? If the question of what it would cost me to start a blog immediately came to your mind, you do not need to be afraid. Because if you are determined in this business, you will definitely have a return and you will be able to easily pay the costs with the money you earn.

If a stone explodes for you, there will be 250-300 TL hosting and domain costs. After you set up your blog, you will even be able to earn this money a month by writing only 1-2 articles, so don’t be intimidated, just be determined! Setting up a blog is simply not expensive. It is possible to make a lot of money from a blog.

How to Set Up a Blog

How to Open a Blog?

  • What is Hosting and Domain?

The subject of Hosting and Domain is actually the first basis of establishing a blog. We will start from here on the subject of establishing a blog. You don’t need to have a good understanding of Hosting and Domain. But your research is still worthwhile. Below we will show you how to buy hosting and domain with images.

You can have more detailed information by reading our topic called What is Hosting and Domain . But as we said, I do not understand this hosting domain issue, do not say that you are giving up on blogging.

In short;

Hosting ; The name given to the servers where you will keep and host the files of your blogs.

Domain ; It is the domain address of your domain, such as We will connect your domain address with hosting, that is, we will integrate the files in your hosting into your domain name, although it may seem a bit complicated, it will fit your logic.

  • Hosting and Domain Company Selection for Blog

We recommend you to use Turhost Hosting , which we have used and gained experience before, to set up a blog and not to have any problems .

The caring and fatherly attitudes of this hosting, the fast and effective response at all times, and even providing technical assistance on some issues will give you hope and peace of mind. While some hosting companies unfortunately do a lot of things for their customers for money, Tur Hosting provides very good quality service in this regard.

We can start our blog by going to TurHosting and registering immediately.

  • How to Buy Hosting and Domain

We go to the website of the hosting company and create a new record. One thing to note here is are you an Individual Customer or a Corporate Customer? you have to choose it. You can sign up as an individual and register easily. (Picture 1) We preferred Turhost for the narration . You can consider other domain and hosting providers.

Picture 1 - Registering with Hosting and Domain Company
Picture 1: Registering with Hosting and Domain Company 

After saying “Continue”, you must fill in your information completely and correctly. If you want to set up a blog and earn money, your information must match real life. It will help you to get paid and be entitled with your real information that anything happens tomorrow or the next day. Therefore, you need to provide real address, name information and TR ID number. I filled in my information as in the image below, you can fill in your information and click Continue (Picture 2)

Picture 2: Here, the second transaction is being made, you must enter your credentials completely.
Picture 3: A user agreement is made with you. You can tick the box and click the continue button.

After completing the steps shown in Picture 1-2-3, you have successfully registered. You have now registered with a company where you can get a hosting and domain address. What I want to tell you here is to register with a domain company by providing the correct information.

If we have successfully registered, now every company will have a Web Hosting section in their menu. Since we will use Wordpress hosting, if the company has a Wordpress package, it would be better if we buy it, they will help us more technically. Both our hosting is configured in accordance with the wordpress infrastructure. In terms of speed and SEO, this is a plus point.

Anyway, without further ado, we go to the purchase screen in Picture 4. To reach this screen, we click on the “Buy Wordpress Hosting” Menu. This Menu is usually found under the “Hosting” heading. I recommend the middle package, buy this package, let’s do it as in the image.

Annunciation 1: This hosting company gives you a domain address while purchasing hosting. If you have decided to set up a blog, you can buy this economical package.


Picture 4: Many hosting companies give free domain when selling hosting. 

If you click on the buy button, you will be directed to a page like the image below, where you specify the domain (domain) address you want to use for your blog. It should not have been taken by anyone before. I favor the use of generic names. You can choose a suitable domain name for yourself, write it below and say “Query the Domain”.

Remember, a successful blog reveals itself from the name. I think a good name is essential for starting a blog .

Picture 5: Get domain address acquisition screen, what you need to pay attention to here is to choose a nice short domain address that has not been taken before.

As in the image below, since my domain address is empty, he directed me to the payment point, where I make my payment and finish my Hosting and Domain purchase.

Again, I would like to remind you that buying both domain and hosting at the same time in this company saves you a great deal of trouble. No need to mess with NS settings. Within 10 minutes, you can set up your blog immediately. I chose 1 year below, you can use domain and hosting for 3 years by paying money for 3 years. The dollar is increasing day by day.

It throws you into a screen like this. Write your credit card information here and complete your payment. After completing your hosting and domain purchase, your process ends. Now the domain address you bought belongs to you, you can set up a blog as you wish.

What did we talk about in summary? First of all, we created our registration with Hosting and Domain Company. We bought Wordpress Hosting after signing up! That’s all transactions! You can continue by just reading this line, but I also explained it with visuals.

Now you can easily set up a blog with the Wordpress installation wizard by logging into the hosting admin panel you purchased from the My Services or My Hosting menu 

  • Installing Wordpress – (Last Step of Setting Up a Blog)

I will show you how to set up a Blog in 3 minutes by going to the Setup Wizard. If everything is ok so far, let’s explain the last step with visuals. Setting up a blog is simple You must now understand that it is so easy to start a blog …

You clicked on the “My Web Applications” section and from there we will click on the “Wordpress” section for the Blog and run the Wordpress Installation wizard. SSL comes free of charge with the hosting company I recommend. If the company you purchased does not provide free SSL during installation, you must install it as “http”, if it does provide SSL, you must install it as “https”. It is an SSL security certificate.  Google made the SSL certificate mandatory . This is very important for SEO.

Now let’s explain how to install Wordpress with pictures. No matter how much we write here, some friends and terms will not be very productive because they will be foreign. We can start the installation by following the pictures.

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