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How to write SEO content

How to write SEO content

We want to write a seo compatible article, how to write SEO content, can you share your information about writing seo compatible articles, we are dealing with many questions. It’s time to share our knowledge on how to write SEO friendly articles. We hope that you will improve your knowledge by carefully reading the topic of writing understandable articles for search engines, which we have compiled at your request.

What is Seo Compatible Article?

Articles shared on web pages are texts written to bring the caller and the sought-after together. Written texts must meet certain criteria in order to be evaluated in the right category by search engines and matched correctly with search results. We call the articles prepared by considering these criteria as SEO compatible articles.

How to Write a Seo Compatible Article?

If you want to create an article that is compatible with SEO rules (write an article that is compatible with SEO), you must first determine the phrase you are targeting. The phrase (keyword) you specify must be present in a certain amount in the content of the article. While the search engines record the pages of the website they reach, they understand the content based on the number of words or phrases in the content of the article and categories. For example, if you are going to create an article that you want to be found when “Seo Compatibility” is written, it is useful to use an average of 2% based on the number of words in your article. Even if this is not an absolutely must-have rule, you will see benefits if you follow it. Be sure to start your content with your keyword and use it a few times in the first paragraph. Be sure to use it in the middle of the article, and end the last sentences of your article with the phrase you identified. Since Google is the most used search engine in our country, first of all, the criteria set by Google are taken as a basis. Uncle Google loves original writing, carefully and uniquely prepared texts; loves them. If you want to prepare SEO compatible content, you should write it original, review the article after you finish it, and test it to see if it complies with the spelling rules. Search engine algorithms will describe your articles as “garbage”, which are bluntly prepared, full of spelling errors, contain a collection of meaningless sentences, and do not add anything to the reader. Your effort to stop copying and tapping the keys on the keyboard affects your ranking.

What Else Should You Consider While Writing Seo Compatible Articles?

Apart from the text you have created, you should enter your keyword in the “title”, “description” and “keyword” fields on your website and create the relevant link of your website accordingly. For example, the link of this page that you see in the browser is compatible, you can see the correct link structure when you look at the address line of the browser. You can also review the image we shared below as an example.

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