What does Islam mean? It is an Arabic word. Its root is based on the word “silm (selm)” meaning “peace”. It means “to obey Allah wholeheartedly and sincerely without any compulsion, to surrender to Him, to submit unconditionally to His orders and prohibitions, to be cleansed from associating partners with Allah (polytheism), to stay away”. Islamic religion; The last Prophet of Almighty Allah, Hz. It is the last and most perfect religion that he sent to Muhammad (S.A.V.) in order to accept all the things he conveyed to all people by means of revelation, to live them, to show that he accepts them with his words and deeds, and to obey Allah and His Messenger. With the advent of Islam, the rule of other religions came to an end. A person who accepts the religion of Islam is called a ‘Muslim‘. The name of the last religion sent to the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) is Islam, and the religions sent to previous prophets are also Islam. As a matter of fact, “Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.” The verse (Ali Imran, 19) clearly reveals this. However, these religions have been given different names in history. There are many answers to the question of what is Islam. Let us state the following basic points that will answer the question of what is Islam:

believing in god

believing in god, Islamic religion; It is based on submission and servitude. By acknowledging (saying) the Kalima-i Tawhid with his tongue, a Muslim declares that he has turned his heart to his Lord and that he is willing to obey Allah’s laws in all aspects of life. For such an unconditional obedience to take place, a person must first have an unshakable belief in the existence, oneness and perfect attributes of Allah. For this reason, in the verses that were first revealed in Mecca, the Qur’an has touched upon issues that will strengthen faith in Allah and introduce the Lord to the servant.

Belief in the Hereafter

In the Religion of Islam; The most important belief to be believed after belief in Allah is to believe in the Hereafter, that is, in the resurrection after death and in the existence of an eternal life. Hz. It is one of the three main points on which the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) invited people to faith. Hz. The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) was calling people first to accept the oneness of Allah, to be His servant and Messenger, and then to believe in the Hereafter. Our Prophet (S.A.V.) stated that we will be held to account for what we did and did not do in this world that we will pass through, and emphasized that this world is temporary and we should believe in the hereafter where real life will be lived. due to a sudden death or apocalypse. Thus, man has learned that he will be held to account in this world for what he believes or does not believe, what he does and what he does not do. In this way, the religion of Islam directs people to live a controlled life. So people should know that; He is not a “pervert” in this world, he will give an account of every moment he spends and every blessing he has.


What are the conditions of faith?

Conditions of faith; Allah, the Last Day, the prophets sent by Allah and the Prophet. Along with the belief that Muhammad (S.A.V.) is His servant and Messenger, there are three other things that must be believed, which are; Faith in the Bible, faith in angels, and faith in destiny. When a person utters the Kalima-i Shahada by saying “Eşhedu enle ilehe illallah wa Eşhedu enne muhammadan abduhu ve Rasulhu“, a person enters the religion of Islam and believes wholeheartedly in all of these six principles, he is considered a “Mumin”. What is Islam? It is the religion in which we accept the creed of tawhid by bringing Kalima-i Shahada.

What is the condition of Islam? What are the conditions of Islam?

The pillars of Islam are five. Ibn Umar (R.A.) narrated from the Messenger of Allah (S.A.V.): “Islam is built on five things: “To testify that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is the servant and Messenger of Allah, to perform prayers, to pay zakat, to make pilgrimage to Baitullah, and to fast in the month of Ramadan.” Hadith is one of the most basic hadiths of Islam because it informs the most basic principles that a Muslim should do. It is extremely important that the hadith we discussed begins with the creed of tawhid while describing Islam. As a matter of fact, Islam is a religion built on the creed of tawhid. The essence of the thousands of years of history of revelation is “La ilaha illallah” All the prophets, without exception, have always called upon the societies to which they were sent throughout history to this creed, that is, to save people from slavery and to be servants to Allah alone, to obey only Allah in Allah’s world. What a Muslim should do after the Word of Shahada is to make wudu in accordance with the rules and begin the obligatory prayer. At the same time, giving a certain amount of zakat from his property, going on pilgrimage when possible, and fasting during Ramadan are among the fards offered to Muslims. What is Islam? The 4 basic conditions after bringing the Word of Shahada are religion that we should apply to our lives.

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