outriders server status

outriders server status

outriders server status
outriders server status

outriders server status; The Outriders servers were super spotty on Friday, but People Can Fly seem to have things under control for the time being. As I write this at 7PM PT Friday night, everything is running smoothly after a quick and seamless sign-in.

The servers were brought back online in phases, with the US being the last region to come back. If you tried logging in a couple of hours ago, give it another try now. Of course, there’s no guarantee the stability will hold, as big online game launches are notoriously difficult to predict.

outriders server status
outriders server status

Is Outriders down? To put it simply, yes. It’s suffered from sporadic outages and disconnects since its launch on April 1, and at the time of writing on April 2, most players are unable to connect.
Developer People Can Fly addressed the ongoing server difficulties on Twitter. “We are, unfortunately, fully aware of server breakdowns you are experiencing right now,” studio head Sebastian Wojciechowski said. “Our partners at Square Enix are trying to fix it ASAP.
“As developers who’ve been working super hard for the last five years to make this game awesome, we really hope that you will judge the game rather than those teething troubles related to server issues,” Wojciechowski added. “It is frustrating for you and it is frustrating for us. We really appreciate your massive interest in Outriders and we hope to see you all on Enoch shortly. Sorry for your inconvenience.”

How To Fix Server Down Issues In Outriders
How To Fix Server Down Issues In Outriders

Launch day overload is, as always, a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem. Here’s hoping People Can Fly, Square Enix, and their partners can right the ship soon. We’re certainly among the crowds looking to play. As we said in our Outriders review-in-progress, we’ve thus far found it to be a fantastic cover-based shooter with exciting RPG elements, albeit one slightly hamstrung by a hammy story.
Two years ago, we asked several leading developers about why big online games always break down at launch. Their answers are every bit as relevant and helpful today: these issues are inevitable, and it’s the response to them that matters most.

How To Fix Server Down Issues In Outriders

Outriders server down issues seems to be happening more often than you would like in the game and while new players are joining each minute, it seems that the issue has been affecting, even more, corresponding with it if you’re already bothered by it and wish to know how to fix them in Outriders, make sure to give this article a read till the end.

To fix server down issues in Outriders, you can start by restarting your game. You can even try to restart the router, check server status, and more. Checking online and knowing the status of the servers will let you know how to fix them in Outriders.

Here’s what you can do to fix server down issues in Outriders:

  • Reset Router
  • Restart PC or console
  • Check Firewall
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Outriders

The above fixes should help you play Outriders without any problems, the main issue arises when the server gets overpopulated and is not able to handle the traffic that the number of players that are trying to get in the game. While this can seem to be offputting, the developers of Outriders are working hard to scale up the servers in the game.

This is a temporary issue that will bother players and if there’s isn’t another influx of a large number of players trying to play the game at the same time, it should not happen again. If it ever happens again you can always check out the Outriders social pages to know more.

How To Farm And Get Drop Pod Resources In Outriders

Drop Pod resources are actually another type of currency in Outriders. They are very important in getting some rare weapons and items in the game. Some high-end weapons and items are available for purchase in later stages of Outriders. These require a different kind of resource than the usual in-game currency. Obviously with these being rare items that we are talking about, getting Drop Pod resources is hard. Hence, to help you out, in this guide we have outlined how to farm and get Drop Pod resources in Outriders.

  • Drop Pod resources are received as rewards for completing ‘Expeditions’.
  • Expeditions are unlocked at the end of the game after you have completed the Story Mode.
  • The Expeditions work according to a tier-based system that has more unique resources the higher the tier.
  • When you complete Expeditions you come across a Drop Pod that has unique Drop Pod resources.
  • You can use these Drop Pod resources to either enter the Inner Ring which is the Final Expedition or earn some high-quality weapons and armor.

Drop Pod resources are important for later stages of the game. At higher levels, the enemies are more resilient. This is where the uniqueness of Drop Pod Resources shines through. With these resources, you get unique high-quality weapons. These weapons deal more damage than usual. Thus, farming for Drop Pod resources is a good idea.

How to farm Drop Pod resources

It is an easy process to farm Drop Pod resources. Follow these simple steps.

  • Scrap and dismantle all extra weapons in your inventory.
  • Choose to be paid back in Titanium units for the scrap.
  • You can now use this Titanium to get Drop Pod resources in exchange.
  • 2 units of Titanium gets 1 unit of Drop Pod resources.

This is everything you need to know about how to farm and get Drop Pod resources in Outriders. While you are here look at some other methods of upgrading items such as using Mods or by Leveling Up your items. Alternatively, you can even have a look at how to defeat Chrysaloid.

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