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What are the effects of the domain on SEO?

What are the effects of the domain on SEO?

What are the effects of the domain on SEO?, Today, when the internet has become indispensable for our lives, it has become inevitable for all businesses to take part in the online world. The first step for companies to take part in the online world is to own a domain name (link:, and the next step is to publish a website linked to this domain name.

After performing these steps, it is expected that the relevant website will come out on top of the Google search engine in order to meet with its customer. At this point, SEO becomes one of the most important tools that bring the company and its customers together. At this point, domain name selection emerges as one of the important factors affecting SEO.

Domain Preference

Domain selection is one of the important factors affecting SEO performance. A company that wants to be branded should first choose a catchy domain name. Sites with .com extensions are generally more popular and used frequently. However, choosing the appropriate domain name extension for your business by evaluating alternative extensions is the first important step to success in this regard. Getting to the top of the Google search engine starts with professional domain selection. Search immediately to determine the proper domain.

For detailed information about domain name selection, we recommend you to read our article titled First Digital Impression: Things to Consider When Buying a Domain Name.

Original Content

After choosing your domain name, the information that will be on your website is very important for Google. Google raises sites with unquoted, original content. With the choice of domain, sites with original content automatically rank high in the Google search engine.

Professional Website

In addition to the content and domain selection, the content must be of high quality and impressive. Sites with quality content in the category of videos, graphics, images and articles attract more attention from visitors. Sites that are opened late, suffocate in details and do not have the necessary plugins are not preferred by the visitor. In this case, the choice of original content or catchy domain is not enough.

When choosing a domain, it is important to include keywords as well as memorization. Creating a domain name using the most searched keywords will generate the visitor potential you want.

Site Traffic

Google considers site traffic as well as non-duplicate original content. Companies that want to rank high in the Google search engine and always be on the first page need professional SEO service. In addition, Google takes into account the duration of the visitor entering the site.

A visitor entering the Google search engine always wants to find what you’re looking for in a short time. Therefore, it clicks on the first site in the search engine. When he cannot find what he is looking for on the site, he visits the second or third site. The companies that rank first in the search engine today have a high customer potential. For this reason, the effect of each item listed above on SEO is very important.

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