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what is a backlink checker

what is a backlink checker

what is a backlink checker, I share with you the best 4 free and paid backlink query tools and information about why they are needed. Regarding SEO, a lot has changed in the last few years, but one thing that remains the same is backlink. Your site used to rank higher for the number of backlinks you received, but in 2018, it matters how many quality links you have. Last year, Google’s Penguin algorithm update killed all private blog networks and devalued low-quality links. In this tutorial, I will discuss the best online backlink checker tools you can use to check how many backlinks your website is getting.

Why Do We Need a Backlink Search Tool?

When any website links to your site or any page of your site from the website, these are called backlinks. Its use in foreign languages ​​is referred to as “backlink” and this term is more prevalent in our country.
Backlink was used as one of the most important parameters for high page rank and better keyword rank. However, over time, Google dropped the priority of backlinks and added more signals to rank a website.

Backlinks are generally categorized in two ways: Dofollow backlink and Nofollow backlink.

When we talk about backlinking, we usually focus on creating dofollow links. We count how many backlinks we generate for our site using backlink checker tools. Numerous backlinks help greatly in improving the page ranking and the Moz level of our site.

Below are some free online backlink checker tools to help you see all the backlinks coming to your website. You can choose any of these tools based on your needs. Some of them provide detailed results, others only offer the number of returns.

shopify domain search

shopify domain search
shopify domain search

shopify domain search, A masterpiece where you can perform your domain inquiries and domain purchases, trusted by more than 1,700,000 businesses worldwide

Click to go to shopify backlink checker

SEMRUSH: Backlink Query Tool

semrush backlink checker, is a tool I have been using for almost two years and with new features it adds, it becomes an extremely robust SEO tool.

Before discussing SEMRUSH’s backlink control feature, I must say that this is not a free tool, but you can use this special link to use SEMRUSH for 14 days completely free of charge. If you think it’s a useful tool, its purchase cost is $ 199.

SEMRUSH has an extensive database that is updated daily and allows you to accurately check your website’s backlink status.

SEMRUSH has an extensive database that is updated daily and allows you to accurately check your website’s backlink status. Here is the screenshot of the home page, I check the Youtube backlink status.

Remember how the Domain Overview report displays the details that the TLD’s region connects you to most pages. You can also find details about the country you most connected to.

You can use SEMRUSH to check backlinks to your website or to your competitor’s website.

Overall, SEMRUSH is a tool you should use as your backlink checker right now.

Click to go to SEMRUSH backlink checker

Ahrefs backlink checker

ahrefs backlink checker, Ahrefs is an important plugin that I find worth mentioning here. It is a paid backlink checker tool, but if you sign up for a free account, you can get a complete backlink analysis along with an anchor text analysis of your site.

This tool provides lots of detailed information about all the backlinks posted to your site and you can see how your sitelinks grow or decrease over time.

Following the Penguin update, this will be a lifesaving tool for your site as you can get all the link details along with a percentage of anchor text for your site if you hit with negative SEO.

Click to go to Ahrefs backlink checker

BuzzSumo backlink checker

Buzzsumo backlink checker, BuzzSumo is one of my favorite tools for content marketing and offers a free version as well as a pro version. The Pro version now has an additional feature that allows you to check backlinks to your domain or any page. You also have the option to export existing links to .csv or Excel format.

Click to go to BuzzSumo backlink cheker

MOZ Link Explorer backlink checker

Moz backlink checker, Of all the tools listed in this article, Open Site Explorer is old and pretty popular.
If you want to compare backlinks between two or more domains, Link Explorer is worth trying to open.
This tool works best when you have a paid account from SEOMOZ, but a free version of this tool is good enough for you to start checking your site’s backlinks and your competitors’ sites.

Click to go to Moz backlink cheker

OpenLinkProfiler backlink checker

OpenLinkProfiler backlink checker, OpenLinkProfiler is one of the newest plugins in the free backlink checker list. This is a completely free tool that allows you to check the latest backlinks (and all other backlinks) pointing to your site. Also, you can export the freshest 1000 links in .csv format. This tool is probably the best completely free option available for checking links to your site.

Click to go to Openlinkpofiler backlink cheker

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