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What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?


Blog posts can be written in any topic and style the author wishes. If we collect the types of blogs under the main headings, we can divide them into four. 

  1. Personal Blogs 

Personal blogs do not seek experience in the author. It is the most common type of blog, as it is the type of writing that everyone can write . Such blogs are as author of the blog. They are blogs that can be written on many topics such as events in normal life, the mood that the author wants to tell that day, and presented to the reader . It can be said that the interest in personal blogs , which can be written without subject limitation , has increased considerably recently. 

  1. Thematic Blog 

Unlike personal blog posts, thematic blogs require the author to be an expert in their field. There are thematic blogs on many topics such as economy, food, politics, internet, programming languages, fashion, design . Regardless of the topic title, it should be prepared by experts. It has been determined that the most interest in blogs published in Turkish is in the field of food and fashion. 

  1. Community Blogs 

Community blogs work with a membership system. It consists of posts written by members. The people who create the community blog mostly use the blog software on their own servers  

  1. Corporate Blog Pages 

It is the type of blog generally preferred by companies . Corporate blog pages can be considered as the best way for companies to tell people about themselves. Because companies can make news and announcements at first hand, there is no scribbling in between. In addition, companies can reach much wider audiences with their corporate blog pages.   


 It is a question that many people who want to earn additional income are curious about. The internet environment has become one of the popular income sources of recent times. Blogging is also included. ” Blogs Is that revenue is obtained by typing?” We can easily say yes to the question. However, one should not expect big gains in the short term. As the number of views of the blogs written increases, the income earned from the blog also increases. In addition, as recognition increases, advertisements can be received. Ads also increase revenue from blog posts. About 3-4 months after creating your own blog page, the number of reads of your articles increases. It starts to generate small amounts of income. blogFor the page, it is necessary to write regularly and take care of the page. After 1-2 years, the recognition and viewing of the blog page will increase, and it will provide a very good income. In fact, there are many people who make a living solely from blogging . As we said at first, making a profit by opening a blog is not very profitable in the short term, but it can be good in the long run. 


It is possible to create a blog for both paid and free You can have a free blog with Blogger , and the local blog site Blogger . It can be said that the Blogger page is one step behind Blogger and , as Turkey introduced blogging later than other countries in the world . When you open a free blog page, your blog address looks like this: 

  • The blogname you 
  • The blogname you

Free blog sites do not provide you with domain (domain name) service. In addition, Google ads often do not approve applications for subdomain users to receive ads. That’s why free blog pages can’t earn a lot of money from ads. Those who want to have their own domain name can use . 30% of the websites in the world have WordPress infrastructure. The address of the blog pages opened with the infrastructure looks like this: 

  • Your 

People who want to have a name in this way and increase their income by getting advertising should pay annually. is paid. Considering the long-term earnings of blog pages, annual fees are a small amount. In addition, when a paid blog page is preferred, there are no restrictions on the site.

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