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What is a dedicated server?

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What is a dedicated server?

What is a dedicated server?, Physical servers are called dedicated servers, and when it comes to such servers, the sole owner of the resources is the customer. The fact that such servers have different features in terms of hardware distinguishes them from other servers.

At the same time, in terms of software features, dedicated servers have different features than other servers and they have many advantages. In the light of all this information, it is not wrong to use non-shared physical servers for dedicated servers.

These types of servers, where all resources are provided without sharing, are distinguished from other servers by their superior sides and have various advantages for customers. By having the ability to be used by individuals or companies, they offer various usage advantages to the users.

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When individuals or organizations own a dedicated server, they have the opportunity to access various resources. Among these resources, those who have a processor, disk or ram server are examples that can be accessed.

What is a server

A server is a computer that delivers a service to another device (client) via a public or private connection. Each computer can then act as a server when it is able to fulfill a request from a client.

What is meant by dedicated servers

The dedicated server is a rental formula in which the provider provides a device that will be used exclusively by a user. The user of the service will therefore operate remotely, avoiding all the hassles related to the management of the physical device.

You can also choose between various levels of assistance in the management of dedicated servers:

dedicated managed servers, in which all machine management is delegated to the provider who will also intervene in the event of problems relating to security or updates;
unmanaged dedicated servers, where troubleshooting on the server is delegated to the customer.
Logically if you decide to opt for unmanaged dedicated servers you have excellent computer skills.

Dedicated servers – what are the benefits

Obviously the main advantages of dedicated servers are the possibility of having more resources and greater guarantees in terms of IT security. To better understand this concept, imagine that you need a server to host your website.

Website owners usually start out using shared hosting. This solution is cheaper and can be a good choice for sites that have a low number of accesses.

However, when the site begins to generate traffic, the shared server can be limiting. In fact, in a shared machine the resources (such as RAM memory) are exploited by all users who have access to them, a site with many visits could therefore need a dedicated server.

The dedicated server is also a better choice in the field of computer security as only one user accesses the machine. In shared hosting, on the other hand, you can be hit by cyber threats that have penetrated the defenses of other users.

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