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What is AMP

What is AMP

What is AMP, Have you noticed the lightning bolt just below some of your Google word search results? This is an indication that the listed web page is compatible with Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project. AMP is an English abbreviation. AMP is a Google project and was developed for fast use of mobile pages.

Google AMP Speeds Up the Web

A lot of action happens when the content is loaded during a new web page visit. Your browser loads the HTML page first and then gives a list of other resources to load. A typical website includes serving ads, tracking page statistics, making the page look nice (CSS), images, maybe one or two types of fonts, and JavaScript. Each of these requests takes time, especially if resources have to come from a separate server. It may only take a few milliseconds for each resource to load, but uploading files called as attachments will take longer.

Your pages take a lot of time to load, usually users don’t want to see too much delay. However, even if you make certain sacrifices in order to make the pages load faster, you have to compromise on design quality. Many websites do not sacrifice design. This is becoming a problem especially on mobile devices. Such pages may take a few seconds to load, even if you have a fast Internet connection. Mobile connections usually load slower than that.

This is where Google AMP comes into play.

Instead of allowing Google AMP websites to load from any sources, wherever they want, it creates their own inventory version of the page (limited by the fastest and fastest web technologies). Publishers have been blocked from using JavaScript, which is the main culprit in slow loading, except in a few cases that have been previously confirmed. Web pages are also hosted on Google’s servers, which run faster.

For example, try loading a news site. If I load a normal site on any Android phone, I see either a pop-up pop-up ad or a massive ad that requires me to scroll to read the article (generally the ads are at the top).

How Do You Know If You’re On A Google AMP Page?

There are several ways to find out that you were sent to a Google AMP page and not directly to the original website. In Google Search, any AMP page will have the little lightning bolts symbol next to it and the word AMP next to it: In addition, after clicking, the URL bar will have a Google address instead of the original website. You will see a bar on the screen with the original URL. Tapping the X takes you back to Google Search.



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