What is crypto? What are the benefits of cryptocurrency

What is crypto?

What is crypto?, Using the public key cryptology of cryptography, cryptocurrencies maintain their existence in a digital structure that no one else but the relevant people can solve. In this context, we can answer the question of what is crypto money as a stock exchange tool that uses cryptographic technology and is an alternative to traditional currencies.

The technical foundations of cryptocurrencies date back to the early 1980s when American cryptographer David Chaum invented a brand new algorithm. Blockchain system is the basis of the most modern crypto money. The value of cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged with other currencies in private online markets varies according to the activities of the users.

What is Crypto Money, what are its opportunities and disadvantages?

Crypto money, which has been on the agenda of investors and professionals from the financial world in recent years, is a risky tool for some and a profitable tool for others. Digital currencies, on which different opinions are presented, are the focus of central banks, governments and large companies. Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are also interesting for small investors. So what is crypto money, what are the opportunities it provides and the disadvantages it has? We clarify in our blog post.

Cryptocurrencies, which are not affected by the economic conditions of the countries because they are not affiliated with any central bank, are on the agenda of the financial world in today’s conditions where contactless payment stands out. It is known that there are more than 1200 cryptocurrencies in the market.

many crypto-currency exchange in the world and Turkey is actively trades. Research has received 20% of the population in Turkey crypto-currency account opened or shows that have been trained in this regard. The high growth rate of crypto-currency sector in Turkey has increased interest in the crypto money is revealed. So what is this cryptocurrency?

Why is crypto money preferred?

Crypto money, which came to life at the end of the 2000s, has been attracting attention by both ordinary citizens and business professionals since 2014. The ability to process transactions in a short time, have low or no transaction fees, not be dependent on the central authority, not be able to steal payment information, and create a new crypto currency in case of sufficient processing power make cryptocurrencies particularly attractive for financial authorities.

Bitcoin stands out in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Used with the abbreviation BTC, bitcoin accounts for 64.8 percent of the total crypto money market. The data show that 87.72 percent of Bitcoin users are men. Software developers and those who closely follow the world of technology see cryptocurrencies as an investment tool. In terms of age group, it is known that those aged 25 to 34 make up 46 percent of the cryptocurrency community. The USA hosts the most blockchain and crypto money startups in the world. However, it is known that most countries using crypto currency of Turkey.

Cryptocurrency advantages and disadvantages

One of the most important advantages of crypto coins is that the central authority does not have the authority to determine the rules in crypto currencies. Those who have a device that can access the Internet can create an account wallet and use their account whenever and wherever they want. Since crypto coins are not under the control of any central bank, international transactions can be made easily within seconds.

Those who think that traditional markets have low returns, see cryptocurrency trading, which can be done 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, as a good investment option. Crypto currency trading; It attracts the attention of investors with its features such as not requiring a long and complicated registration process, being globally accessible and having no transaction limit.

Due to the complexity of digital currency technology, it is important to be careful before investing and to have no lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency mining (performing certain tasks to obtain cryptocurrency). Investing can be risky due to the extreme fluctuations in prices. The lack of a legal official institution that is the assurance center of cryptocurrencies prevents it from being accepted completely and makes it vulnerable to cyber attacks. Using reliable cryptocurrency sites ensures a high level of security. If the wrong wallet address is entered during the provision of crypto money or the same error is made while sending, financial loss is experienced because the person to whom the crypto money was sent was not detected.

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