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What is regional SEO?

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What is regional SEO?

What is regional SEO?, Nowadays, search engines are not just a resource we have fun or use for academic information: They are also our local guides. Search engines work specifically so that users who make inquiries from certain locations can view results pages customized according to their location. After all, a restaurant in Istanbul that deserved to appear in the first place in the search for “the best doner” has no benefit for an individual in Adana, right?

Google is fully aware of this and therefore shows users location-based results when needed: especially for business searches. Today we’ll take a look at what exactly local SEO means and what you can do to strengthen your business.

What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?, SEO was optimizing your website so that it can appear higher in queries using related keywords, isn’t it? Wonderful! Local SEO is the same for local searches. You need to do local search engine optimization so that the website you set up to stand out in a local area can appear ahead of your competitors in the SERP in relevant local searches.

Understanding Map Results

So, how does Google manage to show people who do not use a location keyword in their query at all to show a business close to their exact location? Let’s say it right away: based on the location it is searching for!

In order to achieve strong local SEO results on related keywords on Google, you first need to gain authority in the eyes of Google. Because Google has to believe that your business is a reliable and relevant result that is worth showing in searches close to your location.

For this, it is essential that all information about your business is presented in a complete, accessible and sufficiently rich manner. Giving your phone number and the fact that this phone represents your business, entering your address, processing the name of your business on your internet profile as it appears in real life, and of course, on-site SEO work can increase your authority in Google’s eyes.

Google My Business

In order to be a “business” in Google’s eyes, you must first have a business profile. To do this, create a Google My Business account and fill in all the information in your business profile without delay. Unless you have a Google My Business account, you will not be able to appear on the map for local searches.

Creating Region Pages

The website you open for your business needs a strong categorization and keyword study in order to attract Google’s attention in the relevant field. You can do this by creating zone pages on your site. Create a landing page for each city you address. Then, make this page more visible with the meta title – meta description, which contains the categorical name of the service you provide and the name of the city.

Region Page Contents

In order for the region pages to be scanned by Google and be viewed as rich content and indexed, produce content for these pages and enrich your content with visuals. These pages are very valuable for your website to stand out in different searches.

Search Console Country Targeting

Go to search traffic on Search Console and choose international targeting from there. From here, you can go to the country tab and set up which country you want to address. If you are a business in America, choose America. Note that if the domain extension you use has a country abbreviation, you have to target the country in this abbreviation. For example, for a site with the .tr extension, you cannot mark your target country as America.

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