Wordpres hosting or windows hosting?

Wordpres hosting or windows hosting?

Those who want to manage a web server alone or rent a server as part of a web hosting package from a hosting provider will almost always face the same question: Wordpress hosting or windows hosting? These two operating systems have dominated the web hosting market for years and are now competing with each other in the digital space. Sometimes it can be very difficult to decide which web hosting to choose due to the small differences between the two systems in terms of functionality and applications. By examining the Windows and Linux Hosting options more closely, it is possible to better see the unique advantages of the two systems. These types of comparisons often come back to the question of application compatibility.

First of all, what is Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting? Let’s find answers to your questions.

Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting?

Adhering to the statements we explained above, actually reaching the result is without definition.
If you are going to use languages such as PHP, CGI, PERL, choosing Linux Hosting will perform for your website.
But if you are working with asp, language, you should prefer Windows Hosting packages.

What is Linux Hosting?

Web Hosting companies use two types of operating systems. Windows Server operating systems or Linux distributions. If there is a Linux operating system on the server, this service is called Linux Hosting service. The Linux operating system, on the other hand, is an open source Unix-like operating system with a GPL license. Linux Hosting servers contain all the requirements a web hosting package needs. It is preferred more because it is free and open source. In addition, PHP-based software such as WordPress and Joomla work more efficiently than Windows Server operating systems.

What is Windows Hosting?

In accordance with the above definition, web hosting companies are also called Windows Hosting service when any of the Windows Server operating system family runs on their servers. Windows Server operating systems are produced by the Microsoft company. ASP language (classic asp) works only on Windows Server operating systems and IIS web service.

Although Microsoft recently ran the ASP.NET language as the core, it is not yet used in Web Hosting services. And when compared, the ASP.NET language works better on Windows Server operating systems.

Does PHP work on Windows Hosting?

Yes it works. At the same time, databases such as Mysql, Mariadb can be installed and run on Windows operating systems. But as we mentioned, it will not perform as well as Linux Hosting.

Does WordPress work on Windows Hosting?

The answer to this question is the same as the answer above. WordPress runs on Windows Hosting packages but will not perform as well as Linux Hosting servers. For this reason, Linux Hosting is always your choice for running WordPress.

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