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Wordpress Site Acceleration Techniques

Wordpress Site Acceleration Techniques

Wordpress Site Acceleration Techniques,

Why Is Speed Important?

There are many conditions to be in the first place in Google, but the most important condition of Google is the speed of the site. In other words, if your site is faster than competing sites, you are more likely to rank higher.

Also, speed is important for people of the modern age. People want to browse quickly while viewing the content of the sites. If your visitors cannot reach your site before 4 seconds, they will give up on your site, almost 25% of the visitors think this way. Think about yourself, you clicked on a site, what do you do if it doesn’t open in 4-5 seconds? You just enter another site. Here, when you stop entering a site that you complain about slowness, when you enter another site, Google immediately analyzes it and increases the ranking of the fast site.

How To Speed Up WordPress Site?

  • First, we click on our tool called gtmetrix to detect the errors, slowness reasons, right and wrongs of our site.
  • Now the results have come, let’s take a look at how we can increase the speed and pagespeed score of our site from a shortcut by interpreting our results here.
  • You saw that our speed gave B and C Scores. The only thing that matters here is “Fully Loaded Time”, that is, the opening speed. Now let’s try to reduce the speed of our site to less than 3 or 2 seconds.

Site Speed Up by Deleting Plugins

You should delete the add-ons that are not useful to you and that you do not actively use. When deleting, I recommend “Disable” first, then Disable and delete. You can increase the speed of your site by deleting the plugins that you do not use. Even if this increase is small, it is effective. Definitely recommended.

Speed Up WordPress with Cache

We can increase the speed of our site with the cache plugin and caching technology. You should install a popular cache by typing “Cache” in the Plugins search section. We recommend the “Wp Fastest CachePlugin as the best cache. Please click for Wp Fastest Cache Best Performance Settings!

Wordpress Site Speed Up in 2 Steps

Now only 3 unnecessary plugins have been deleted and the Wp Fastest Cache plugin has been installed, now let’s see the test results below!

Excellent Fast Site Speed Results
Excellent Fast Site Speed Results

In just 2 steps, we reduced the opening speed of the Wordpress site to 3 seconds and we achieved a perfect result! Have no doubt that our site’s speed will be less than 2 seconds when we fix our other shortcomings!



Site Speed Up Using Cloudflare

If you’re not using Cloudflare, definitely install it, it’s important for security and server health. It is an excellent way to further increase the speed of your site. It is a free application! Click to go to the site

There are 2 things you need to pay attention to in Cloudflare!

Make sure the Brotli feature is enabled. Second, enable Rocket Loader. That’s it to speed it up!

After doing these, come to the cloudflare Caching section, click the Purge Everything tab and clean it!

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